Maximise Space in Their Room, with Minimal Effort!

Maximise Space in Their Room, with Minimal Effort!

As parents, we know just how much clutter comes with a child's bedroom space. Toys, books, homework, the remnants of a past hobby and boxes containing the new, half built pirate ships/doll's houses/”insert latest toy here” … The list goes on!

Space (and we don't mean the astronaut, inter-galactic kind), is one of the most important factors when designing your child's room. When they're very little, the tots need space to play, imagine and explore, and as they grow older, desks and bookcases will become the order of the day (for all that homework they so desperately long to do!)

Well here at TCFC, we reckon we've got storage and space saving clutter-busting sussed once and for all! Days of accidentally treading on toys (ouch!) and tripping over half made puzzles are officially over. Read all about our top hints and tips on making the most of their room space …

First thing's first: The age old question of where to put all their 'stuff'.

Storage shelf

Where best to hideaway all their treasure than in an under bed storage drawer? A simple solution that fits neatly under a standard single bed, this is the ultimate in space saving ideas, (plus you’ll know exactly what’s under the bed; meaning no missing bits of puzzle, and no monsters hiding away!) The best bit? Turn the drawer into a spare bed for those summer holiday sleep overs by adding a mattress!

Jango cabin bed

And if one drawer's not enough for their growing car collection, take a look at what the Jango cabin bed has to offer. This ingenious design comes complete with a whopping four storage drawers, leaving plenty of space in their room for the all- important stuff like flying space rockets, building castles and creating play houses!

Neutron cabin bed

As they get older, space will become even more of a premium. Clever Cabin beds are definitely worth considering as reliable space savers in their bedroom, with lots of options for reconfiguring the room as the child grows, and are ideal solutions for even the smallest of box rooms.

Take a look at our Neutron cabin bed. A multifunctional, space saving parents’ dream! By day: A desk for scribbling plans for saving the world as well as a chest of drawers for stashing those capes, plus a few hidey holes for super special gadgets and toys. By night: All is transformed and stored underneath for bedtime and a good night’s sleep. After all, any mini Superhero needs to recharge their (super power) batteries!


Willow high sleeperChildren love ‘high beds’. Super cool, super tall and a bit of fun, they’re ideal for the older child who wants to be King or Queen of the castle (Nah nah nah-nah nah). But our spectacular High sleepers have an added (more practical) extra: They’re one of our favourite space maximisation tools here at TCFC.

The ideal antidote to clutter, the Willow high sleeper range has enough space to store a room’s worth of furniture underneath! This smartly designed collection includes an optional wardrobe and chest of drawers in one unit, as well as a bookcase with more than enough space for all their bedtime (and study) books, along with a favourite toy or two, of course!

Phew, with all that space saved, you’ll be wondering what to do with the rest of the room!

Sun, Sea and Salty Air: Instant Room Revivers for Summer!

The sun's trying to come out!

The birds are singing (sometimes a little too early for our liking!), there are increasing amounts of excitable holiday chatter from the kids with talk of adventures, den creations and playing outdoors, and the beloved BBQ that becomes the spotlight of the garden a grand total of three times a year is calling your name. Sound familiar? It's officially the launch of our favourite season of the year at The Children's Furniture Company - SUMMER!

So in celebration of all things bright, bold and gloriously sunny (as (ahem) our summers always are), why not take the opportunity to refresh your little one's room and create the perfect haven for dreaming of their next summer adventure; whether that's sailing the oceans, skipping through meadows or trekking the jungle.

From Play houses to Photo frames, and Curtains to Chalk boards, we reckon we've got summer room accessories covered. Read on for our top hints and tips for bringing the great outdoors into their room!

Wild Wes Wigwam

Wild West Wigwam

Top of the list of our essential summer edit, is the wonderfully whimsical Wild West Wigwam.

With its hand-embroidered detailing and authentic looking design, it's the ideal reading nook for a spot of R&R, and more importantly of course, the perfect hideaway for those little (and big) Chiefs planning their next big adventure!

From Message Board, to Memory Board...

Board designsIf you have a budding artist on your hands and love the idea of keeping the kids busy as well as revamping their room all in one go, why not try this update: Pick one of our statement board designs and fill it with your child's drawings and photos to create a personalised piece of wall art.

Hang the design in pride of place for an instant room refresh as well as a memento of their happy holidays.


Indoor Party

Here at TCFC we love encouraging pretend play. Why not add a sprinkle of fairy dust and a few fabulous florals for a really magical make believe makeover...

Floral beddingCreate an indoor garden party theme with our bold bunting and beautiful Bursting Blooms bedding.

Playhouse Add a posy of handmade paper flowers (the perfect crafting activity for the odd rainy day), a pretty playhouse and a splash of imagination to create their very own fairy garden! Who knows, you may even find the 'Tidy up Fairy' comes out to play too!

All Aboard!

Pirate stickerPerhaps sailing the seven seas is the order of the day? Create your little Captain's very own pirate ship with this fabulously fun wall sticker. Team with our maritime inspired stripy rug, and maybe a 'sail' (bed sheet or two), and let their imaginations rule!

RugEye patch and parrot obligatory, of course, and when the seas are sailed and new lands discovered, the sticker can be easily removed and replaced with their next mission... Anchors Aweigh!

Off to the Seaside

Seagulls printBlue Marina blanketAnd finally last, but certainly by no means least, what summer-inspired children's room isn't complete without a trip to the seaside? We love this typography style 'a Squabble of Seagulls' print and think it's the ideal update for your child's room this season. Perfectly on trend, team this design with other blue and white accessories such as our comfy Blue Marina blanket and smart Sail boats beanbag for a beachy, laid back scheme.

All this talk of summer fun has got us in the mood for a visit to the coast... Until next time!

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It’s the first of the month and there’s a mad rush to be the first to administer the kids with a ‘Pinch! Punch! first day of the month’. Not forgetting to shout ‘White Rabbits’ or ‘No Returns’ at them straight after, to make sure you don’t get a pinch or a punch back (what’s the point in having kids if you’re not allowed to regress back to being a 7-year-old occasionally?)

Cue confused kids thinking you are slightly mad, wondering what on earth is going on. It is a slightly bizarre tradition and we were ruminating where it even came from. So we’ve done our homework and uncovered some theories as to how and why this funny tradition has come about.

Theory No. 1.

Our first theory takes you back to the days of knights and princesses (or medieval times) when people believed in witches and dark magic. Salt was believed to diminish witches power, so the ‘pinch’ part of the saying is pinching the salt and the ‘punch’ part is to banish the witch once the salt has made the witch weak. Sounds legit, right!

Theory No. 2

According to some sources, it started in the States when President George Washington used to meet with local Indian tribes on the first day of each month. At the meeting he would supply fruit punch with an added pinch of salt. This tradition became known as 'pinch and punch on the first of the month'.

Personally I prefer the English folklore theory as I love a story of good conquering evil!

But why white rabbits?

It was common belief amongst RAF bomber crews during WW2 that saying ‘White rabbits’ as soon as they woke up would bring them good luck and keep them safe. So saying White rabbits, No returns should in theory protect you from a returned pinch and a punch. ? No sure it works against a ‘Flick and a kick for being so quick though’ ;0)

So there you have it, every day’s a school day! What do you say in your house on the first of the month

Why we use rubberwood for our children's furniture?

So, your not-so-little one’s toes are poking out of the cot railings or your Houdini has attempted the great escape one too many times. Couple that with the need for more storage space for the ever expanding toy and clothes collection and it’s probably fair to say your nursery furniture just isn’t cutting it anymore.

So what do you do now? Do you drag the kids down to the pine furniture shop. Boring yet reliable and well, very grown up! 

Not sure about you guys but for us it's online shopping any day of the week with children!

Or perhaps you have been attracted by the pretty colours of the flat pack furniture online (looks fun but will last all of 1 week of being within a metre of the kids).

In our experience (and there is a good few years between us here at TCFC) you need something 'kid tough' that will work well with the growing needs and tastes of little people.

Our advice would be to opt for furniture that is made from solid wood and that has quality joins (staying clear of glue as much as possible). Be wary of veneer finishes that may warp and chip.

If you are looking for a reliable hard wearing wood that doesn’t cost the child’s college fund, we recommend rubberwood.
#whatisrubberwood I hear you ask? Well, are you sitting comfortably?

A lot of our furniture is made from the marvellous stuff, which is better known for its sap (it’s used to make latex) but it is also a super wood for making furniture. 

Despite its name, rubberwood is a hard wood much like ash or teak, yet it has the suppleness and versatility to be crafted into beautiful furniture. Cue the cute vintage shapes and innovate, space-saving designs that will rival any flat pack furniture.

Our Holly single bed is made from rubberwood and takes you from toddler to teen. The ever so good looing Taylor bedside cabinet is part of the Taylor range also made from the super rubberwood.

For those that are environmentally conscious it's eco-friendly. Rubberwood is a by-product of the latex manufacturing process. This also makes this type of wood great value for money.

Its dense grain makes this wood super robust (it is 'kid tough') and is not prone to warping or shrinking like many other woods. This is why it’s a great alternative to your bog standard pine bed. All in all it’s a marvellous wood.

Take a peek at our range of beds and furniture made from rubberwood  here.

#whatisrubberwood? #kidtough
The twelve days of Christmas unwrapped.
As far as classic Christmas songs go, ‘The Twelve days of Christmas’ is up there, a fond Christmas memory from my childhood and sure to be heard at nativities all over the country. The anticipation can be seen all over the kids’ faces (and mine too if I am honest) as they save all their beautiful singing voices for the one line ‘5 GOLD RINGS’ which is then belted/screeched/shouted out at the top of their voices, sheer joy!   

But as I sat down at my desk and wondered how I could utilise this brilliant song as a way of giving some great treats to you guys, I wondered what The Twelve Days of Christmas is all about, and so my journey of exploration began … and surprisingly it didn’t start with a partridge or any pear trees! 

Unlike a lot of traditions at this time of year, The Twelve Days of Christmas is not a commercial ploy from marketing companies to make you buy three French hens or hire ten lords to leap around your living room (although that would be a hoot!). It comes from the traditional Christian celebrations of Christmas. Despite what the shops would have you believe, the traditional advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and for nearly a month Christians would wait for the coming of Christ (shocking I know as I thought Christmas started on the 1st of November too). When December 25th finally arrives, so starts the 12 days of celebrations, ending on the 6th of January with the feast of Epiphany. 

The song itself is believed to have come from a time when being Catholic was a crime. The song was a cryptic device or memory aid for young Catholics to learn the tenets of their faith without risk of being caught (getting caught would mean imprisonment or would even get you hanged). 

So for those of you who love an interesting fact or are attending any Christmas pub quizzes, here is what the 12 days really symbolise (these are not exclusive, every site I visited has had a slightly different interpretation). 
  • The partridge in a pear tree is Jesus Christ. In the song, Christ is symbolically presented as a mother partridge which feigns injury to decoy predators from her helpless nestlings. 
  • Two turtle doves represent the Old and New Testaments 
  • Three french hens = Faith, Hope and Charity, the Theological Virtues 
  • Four calling birds = the Four Gospels and/or the Four Evangelists 
  • Five golden rings = The first five books of the Old Testament, the "Pentateuch", which gives the history of man's fall from grace. 
  • Six geese a-laying = the six days of creation 
  • Seven swans a-swimming = the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, the seven sacraments 
  • Eight maids a-milking = the eight beatitudes 
  • Nine ladies dancing = the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit 
  • Ten Lords a-leaping = the ten commandments 
  • Eleven pipers piping = the eleven faithful apostles 
  • Twelve drummers drumming = the twelve points of doctrine in the Apostle's Creed 

 And so my history lesson is concluded … but hang on a minute, what about these ‘great treats’ you teased us with I hear you ask? In all my research I did leave some time to celebrate Christmas the old fashioned way. So visit us on FB and Twitter as we start our #12daysofchristmas celebrations from the 25th Dec to the 5th Jan. There will be a fab giveaway or promotion every day. 

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions 

Christmas has always been my favourite time of year and now that I am a parent, I love it even more. Since having children, we have developed some Christmas traditions that I love doing year after year, that I thought I would share with you.

In the lead up to Christmas... 

We have a new houseguest that has invited himself into our home this year. I’ve heard that he can be a little mischievous. Sent by Father Christmas to check that the small people in our home are behaving well and are not doing anything to feature on the big man’s “naughty” list, our little Elf, likes to get up to all kinds of mischief, including taking sELFies next to the sleeping children and spraying his name in snow spray. Some days he just likes to sit on the shelf and watch the festivities. 

It is great fun to track Santa, using the  website, which usually starts tracking on the 1st December. Last year, we had great fun “Elfing ourselves”, which involves superimposing our faces onto Elf bodies, which dance to festive tunes. This is available as an App on the AppStore.

We also write a letter to Father Christmas, to which luckily for us he has always responded!

We try to partake in a couple of festive activities, like visiting the panto, a carol concert or nativity play at church, ice skating or a Christmas party, where the guests help to trim the tree.

We also have a wooden advent house that I use every year and leave treasure hunt clues behind the little windows which lead to little advent gifts and details of a festive activity, see my last blog for details. 

Christmas Eve

Every year, we all open the Christmas Eve box, which tends to include a new Christmas mug, some yummy hot chocolate with the obligatory mini marshmallows, a family Christmas film, a Christmas book to read, some new Pyjamas, some reindeer dust and a special key (as we don’t have a chimney). It is so cosy, cuddling up in our new PJs, drinking hot chocolate watching a film together on the sofa. Then we hang our stockings up and leave some drink and nibbles out for Father Christmas and Rudolph (homemade mince pies, a glass of milk – he is driving after all - and a carrot for Rudolph), before reading The Night before Christmas and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, which was my Dad’s book when he was a little boy, which I still love even though it is frayed and on its last legs.

Lastly, we sprinkle some reindeer dust outside and leave the key under the mat and go to bed desperately listening out for some hoof noises on the roof or the tinkle of a sleigh bell or two. Eventually we all manage to get to sleep and hope to wake up to the words “He’s been!”

Merry Christmas!

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