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High Sleeper Beds

Suitable for children aged 6 and up, High Sleepers truly are the stuff of dreams. While your kids can rest their heads amongst the stars, use parents can benefit from the huge amount of extra floor space. You can use the under-bed space in the bedroom for extra storage furniture, a study space, or even a spare sofa or bed for an extra head! They're also great for creating a play den for your little one...


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What is a high sleeper bed?

A high sleeper bed (also known as a loft bed) is the highest type of bed with a height that can make it easy to store things under the bed. It's similar to a mid-sleeper or a cabin bed but at a higher height, which also means more storage space & closeness to the ceiling.

High sleeper beds for children

A high sleeper is a bed that can be used as an alternative to bunk beds. These are typically constructed with two separate frames, one for the top of the bed and one at the base. The top frame will support the mattress, while the base is designed to be low enough that a child can climb into bed without assistance.

Why choose high sleeper beds? What's are the main advantages of a high sleeper bed?

A high sleeper bed is a great option for children as they offer a lot of advantages. The main advantages are that the space underneath can be used for storage, the floor space consumed is minimal and the bed looks great and gives a luxurious feel. Other benefits include:

  • A high sleeper bed provides more space underneath, making it suitable for a variety of purposes such as a bookshelf, storage solutions, and an office area.
  • It's unlikely that your little one will have cause to complain at bed time when such a thrill awaits them every night.
  • High sleepers also have plenty of storage solutions, making them perfect for busy families.

Made for a great nights sleep

Giving your child their own high sleeper bed is a great way to make them happy and help them sleep better at night. Our luxury children's beds are the perfect choice for any home, and we're proud to offer some of the best prices online.

What age is appropriate for a high sleeper bed?

A high sleeper bed is appropriate for children over the age of six and up, who are able to climb out of it on their own or who can get themselves back in.

What furniture can I fit under a high sleeper bed?

A high sleeper bed is a type of bunk bed that allows you to sleep in the top bunk while another person sleeps in the bottom. Alternatively, you can fit various types of furniture under a high sleeper bed, ranging from homework desks, nursery furniture, bookshelves, tents or play areas. You can also place a single bed under a high sleeper to create a unique L-shaped bunk format.

The space-saving solution for small bedrooms

Particularly in smaller bedrooms, or "box rooms", High Sleepers are the ultimate space-saving bedroom furniture. Providing plenty of space underneath the bed, you can use the floor space for a desk/study area, for extra storage furniture such as a chest of drawers, or turn it into a fun play den for your child! There's even space for a Sofa Bed or spare Single Bed underneath - perfect for sleepovers or shared bedrooms. Some of our designs are also available in multiple colours, so you can add that extra personal touch to your children's bedroom. And if you need a flexible design, many of our High Sleeper Beds have the option to fix the ladder on either the left or right!

Is a high sleeper the right choice for me?

Low ceilings in your room? High Sleepers aren't as big as many people imagine, but it's always important to measure the space before buying to ensure your new furniture will fit perfectly in the room. But if your ceiling is a little low, take a look at our range of Mid Sleeper Beds- all the fun of a High Sleeper, but less height!

Why choose your high sleeper beds?

High Sleepers provide a practical, multi-functional solution for your child's bedroom. With a raised sleeping area comes so many ways to maximise your floor space and improve your bedroom layout - leaving you with plenty more room for storage or activities! But due to the extra height and the need for climbing, we recommend these beds only for slightly older kids. High Sleepers are suitable for kids aged 6+. We also recommend a slightly slimmer mattress on the bed, as this leaves enough space between the guard rail and sleeping position for maximum safety. Browse our Mattresses to find a range of comfortable sleeping solutions. Be sure to pay attention to the required mattress size for your chosen bed, as some of our bed sizes vary.

More amazing beds to choose from

Looking for more of a wow factor? No problem! In our range of High Sleepers, you'll find adventurous designs that will be the envy of all your kid's friends. We've got everything from Tree House beds to beds with slides! And if you're after a statement bed but you're not sure about the height or size, take a look at our entire Adventure Collection to find super-cool themed beds of all shapes and sizes.


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