Top 10 Autumn Activities!

Autumn activities can be tricky to plan! As the leaves turn orange and fall from the trees, the temperature falls with them, leaving us all to reminisce our short-lived Summers and wonder how to dress for the awkward, in-between weather that October brings.

But the one thing you may struggle with the most is keeping the whole family (kids and husband included) entertained now that there are less outdoor activities to choose from! Well rest assured, our guide to Autumn activities is packed with family fun. Just remember, don’t hesitate to take the kids outside in the chillier months! It might not be quite the same, but there’s nothing like wrapping up for an autumnal walk…

Family-friendly Autumn activities for 2021:

1. Make an Autumn door wreath! 🍁

Start by collecting some beautiful Autumn leaves and letting them dry out.

While they’re drying, pop to your local garden centre where you should find a blank wreath (there’s often a choice of either straw or polystyrene). Once your leaves are dry, arrange them around your wreath however you like! You may also want to throw in some pine cones, conkers or even some mini pumpkins.

And if you’re not much of a scavenger, remember you can always purchase false leaves and other seasonal decorations to make your wreath 🍂

2. Get cosy at home… 📺

If the weather is cold and wet, there’s nothing cosier than cuddling up together under a blanket in the dark and watching a film with the kids. Take a look at our Blankets and get yourself ready for some snuggly Autumn nights!
Don’t forget, family film night is never complete without popcorn…

Want to make your own movie snacks? Try this BBC Good Food sweet popcorn recipe!

3. Go apple picking 🍎

September & October are prime apple picking months! You may be lucky enough to have an apple tree in your back garden but if not, find out if there’s a community orchard near you where you can go and collect the windfall apples.
And why not use your yummy finds to make some classic Autumn recipes like apple crumble, apple pie or toffee apples!

4. Stroll through the woods 🌳🌲

Marvel at the autumnal colours and bask in the gorgeous golden light. See if you can find some fabulous fungi (but remember… don’t pick any! Where would the fairies live if their houses were taken away?!).
Can you spot any oak apples? These are the little round apple shapes that are created by the gall wasp who live inside and make their homes in the oak trees.  Also, this is a good year for oak leaf galls – little abnormal growths that form on the undersides of the oak leaves. Harmless to the trees but fascinating to find.

autumn activities

5. Collect pine cones

Pick up some pine cones on your walks or in your garden – trust us, they’ll come in handy! They make an excellent addition to an Autumn door wreath or decorative bowl. You can even keep hold of them for making pretty Christmas decorations by drying them out and preserving them – perhaps even adding some fake snow or glitter for a festive touch!

Or, you can make a pine cone bird feeder following the instructions below:

Mix together lard, grated cheese, peanuts, raisins and bird seed until it is a gooey mixture. Group some pinecones together and tie some string around the top of them. Pack the squidgy fat mix around the cones until they form a ball shape. The pinecone shape will hold lots of bird seed mixture within it. Put them in the fridge for an hour to harden, then hang them up outside and watch the birds enjoy them.

6. Collect some conkers

autumn activities

It wouldn’t be Autumn without a pocket full of conkers. There’s just something about those shiny brown nuts that are so appealing. Collect them to make some autumnal art or drill holes in them to play the classic conker game. Hopefully you can find a winning ‘sixer’ in your haul!

7. Wrap up warm for the fireworks! 🎆

Remember, remember… Autumn is synonymous with Bonfire night and here at TCFC, we love a good firework display! Is there anything cosier than wrapping up warm and toasting a marshmallow or two on the bonfire whilst watching the fireworks? Throw in some hot chocolate (or some warm cider for the grown-ups) and some sparklers, and you’ve got yourself a fun-filled family evening.

8. Go stargazing ✨

Autumn can offer the best times to stargaze and many astronomers refer to it as an ‘observing season’. This is the time from when clocks go back in October (nights become 1-hour longer). It can be chilly, but the clear crisp evenings can provide awe-inspiring views of the night sky. Wrap up warm, take a flask of hot chocolate, download a stargazing app and enjoy the constellations!

9. Jump in the leaves! 🍂

It’s the simple pleasures, isn’t it? Who didn’t love sweeping up a big pile of crunchy leaves as a child and jumping about in them?! You’re never too old for some childhood fun! Especially when you’ve got your own children to enjoy it with.

10. Get in the Halloween mood & go on a Bat Walk 🦇

autumn activities

Lots of parks offer dusk walks to observe the local bat population, but you may be lucky enough to see them in your own back garden too! Did you know a tiny pipistrelle bat can eat up to 3000 insects per night?

Here is a fully grown pipistrelle bat, rescued by our very own founder, Clare and her children – look how tiny it is! (The green lid is a milk carton lid).

Autumn activities for the whole family…

Getting out in the fresh air can really blow away the cobwebs, but the best benefit is that it can really lift your children’s moods (and yours!) and will ensure a peaceful night’s sleep.

Don’t forget the Clocks go back on Sunday 31st October, so fingers crossed you get an extra hour in bed! (If the kids play ball of course…)

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