The Captain’s bed: the Ultimate Space Saving bed

What is a Captain’s bed?

A captain’s bed is a bed which sits on top of both storage drawers and a pull-out trundle mattress. It is the ultimate in space-saving savviness, allowing maximum storage for small spaces. Captain’s beds are typically slightly higher off the ground than a standard single bed to account for the storage and mattress underneath. 

Why is it called a Captain’s bed?

As the name implies, the inspiration for the Captain’s bed design comes from the beds used on board ships. The Captain’s Quarters was typically the largest individual sleeping quarters on a ship, however all space is precious, and a standalone bed would be highly impractical. So a bed was designed to be raised up with extra storage underneath.

Introducing our range of Captain’s beds

Meet our Paddington Captain’s bed. This bed is incredibly sleek and beautifully designed. This space-saving bedroom solution comprises of a sturdy frame, two roomy storage drawers and a roll-out trundle drawer that can be used as a fun sleepover bed in an instant. Kids love to sleep on a tall bed and imagine that they are sea captains navigating the high seas.

Check out the gorgeous Jango Captain’s bed, our most affordable Captain’s bed. Manufactured with hard wood and strong MDF composite, this bed is not only a space-saving miracle but incredibly tough too. This Captain’s bed also has a range of furniture designed to go with it, check out the Jango collection.

Ahoy there me matey, the Butterworth Captain’s bed has features galore – oodles of storage, room for a sea mate and a hidden compartment in the headboard to store the captain’s treasures, plus room for an atlas or two on the bookshelf. What is not to love.

Last but not least, here is the Tweedle Captain’s bed. Beautifully designed with a daybed style back panel, this is a neat and functional storage bed. Perfect for the smaller room and those that love a classic look and feel for their home.

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