Bunk Beds – The Benefits

Bunk Beds are a great addition to any kid’s bedroom. Whether it’s used for siblings who share or the occasional sleepover, you can’t go wrong with this space-saving children’s bed.

So, why opt for Bunk Beds?

Bunk Beds aren’t just for shared bedrooms anymore! They can be used for sleepovers, extra seating space and much more.
But we know what you’re thinking… Are you worried they’ll be too tall or take up too much space? Perhaps your on the fence about your children sharing a bedroom. Or, if it’s for one child, you might wonder if the bottom bunk will ever get used (spoiler: it will!).
We know you’ll love the benefits of bunk beds, but don’t take our word for it – carry on reading and we’ll show you how great they are.

Fun Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds don’t have to be boring rectangular frames! These days, there are so many fun designs for children’s beds that will even make adults green with bedroom envy.

Here at The Children’s Furniture Company, we have designs that will blow your kid’s minds. Including Tree Houses, Wagons and Huts, we’ve for something for every boy and girl. Some even have slides!
Perfect for little adventurers with big imaginations and the dreamiest of dreams…

Check out the Wagon Bunk Bed and Tree House Bunk Bed (without slide).

Double Bunk Beds

Featured: The Hangout Double Bunk Bed
Also available as a Small Double.

You might have siblings of different ages sharing a bedroom. This can be tricky, but you can bridge the age gap with a Double Bunk Bed! These beds are usually a double (or small double) on the bottom bunk, but a single on the top bunk. Perfect for an older child, tween or teen who wants more sleeping space, while their younger sibling can climb and play up top!

They’re not all as adventurous in design as the Hangout (pictured above). So, if you want something more basic or with more of a classic bed frame – check out our Dominique Double Bunk Bed (available in 8 colour options!).

Bunk Beds with Storage

You’re probably wondering if having a bed that takes up more space will mean less room for all that important storage. Well, think again!

Our Neutron Collection features bunk beds (and high sleepers) with stairs rather than a ladder. This is an excellent option for younger children as stairs are much safer and easier to climb. But that’s not all, those stairs double as storage drawers! The Neutron Bunk Bed has 5 storage stairs leading up to the top bunk, all of which are a generous size and provide plenty of storage space for toys, clothes, books and more!

That’s not all… there’s also the option to add a trundle bed underneath with the Neutron Bunk Bed with Trundle – perfect for a shared bedroom that still needs a sleepover solution!

Functional Bunk Beds

Featured Left: The Holly Bunk Bed
Featured Right: The Starlight Bunk Bed

Our TCFC Bunk Beds are modern, white designs perfect for any boy’s or girls bedroom and made to match any theme! Our Holly Bunk Bed features a cut-out heart motif on the headboard & footboard with a scalloped edge, while our Starlight Bunk Bed features a star on a smooth curved frame. Something for everyone!

With all TCFC Single Beds, we offer plenty of options for under-bed storage & trundles. And our Bunk Beds are no different!

Choose between the following:
3-Drawer Storage Unit
Under-Bed Storage Drawers – Small x2
Under-Bed Storage Drawer – Large
Pull-Out Trundle Bed
Pop-Up Trundle Bed

So, you needn’t compromise on storage solutions when buying a Bunk Bed.

Triple Bunk Beds

Got more than 2 sharing? Triple Bunk Beds are the answer! This is a great solution for 3 siblings or triplets who share a bedroom – all the functionality of a Bunk Bed without having to squeeze in an extra single bed in the room.

The bunks are typically a little closer together on Triple Bunk Beds, so you don’t necessarily have to worry about the extra height. (But always make sure you measure the space before buying, just in case!)

The Dominique Triple Bunk Bed by Mathy Le Bols comes in 8 different colour options, great for when you have a colourful bedroom or multiple themes going on to suit all three children…

Overall, Bunk Beds are an excellent option for any kid’s bedroom, sharing or not! Children love climbing up to bed in the top bunk, but they also love sleepovers, so there’s certainly no harm in having that extra bottom bunk for when it’s needed.
But what to do with it in the mean-time? The bottom bunk can serve as a great place to sit and relax, whether it be for reading, playing or homework. There’s no rule that says you have to use proper beddings on the bed! You can deck it out like a sofa, with cosy blankets and comfy cushions, creating a super-soft under-bed den/bench area.

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