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Bunk Beds 21/06/2021

Bunk Beds – The Benefits

Bunk Beds are a great addition to any kid’s bedroom. Whether it’s used for siblings who share or the occasional sleepover, you can’t go wrong with this space-saving children’s bed. So, why opt for Bunk Beds? Bunk Beds aren’t just for shared bedrooms anymore! They can be used for sleepovers, extra seating space and much more.But we know what you’re thinking… Are you worried they’ll be too tall or take up too much space? Perhaps your on the fence about your children sharing a bedroom. Or, if it’s for one... Read More


Top 6 Children’s Beds by Lifetime Kids

We’re so excited to be stocking a new collection of children’s beds and other furniture, including wardrobes and desks, from Danish children’s furniture brand, Lifetime Kids. Their incredible designs include beach house & tree house beds, play towers, built-in slides and much more, without compromising on quality or practicality – Lifetime Kids put the FUN in function. Take a look at some our favourite beds from the new range, all of which are now available at TCFC. Best Mid Sleeper This Mid-Sleeper certainly has the wow-factor. Designed to look like... Read More


Kid’s Bedroom Inspiration to Help Decorate Your Room

Everything has a silver lining. And one of the best things to come out of lockdown has to be the extra time we’ve had! So many of you have used the time to re-decorate your homes. We’ve loved seeing all of your beautiful kid’s bedroom photos, so have pulled together some of our favourites.. Keep reading for some amazing bedroom inspiration! Boy’s Bedroom The Ultimate Little Man Cave using our Neutron High Sleeper by @MissGreedysHome We absolutely love this bedroom transformation! Featuring an epic blue map wall mural, our Neutron... Read More


Storage Beds – Which would be best suited for you?

As every parent knows, you simply cannot have enough storage space, especially in your child’s bedroom.  Modern family life means that space is at a premium, so every little inch of space is valuable. This makes choosing your new children’s bed an important decision, as it is likely to be the item in your child’s room which has the greatest footprint and therefore takes up the most space.  However, you should view your child’s bed as an opportunity to create space rather than an awkward piece of furniture which simply... Read More


The Captain’s bed: the Ultimate Space Saving bed

What is a Captain’s bed? A captain’s bed is a bed which sits on top of both storage drawers and a pull-out trundle mattress. It is the ultimate in space-saving savviness, allowing maximum storage for small spaces. Captain’s beds are typically slightly higher off the ground than a standard single bed to account for the storage and mattress underneath.  Why is it called a Captain’s bed? As the name implies, the inspiration for the Captain’s bed design comes from the beds used on board ships. The Captain’s Quarters was typically the largest individual sleeping... Read More


Moving from a cot to a first proper bed – your questions answered

Everything you need to know about choosing your child’s first proper bed, once they’ve outgrown the cot… It may not be on quite the same scale as the first moon landing but when your little one moves from a cot to their first bed, it certainly does feel like a giant step.  As a parent, you want to make sure that it’s the right bed at the right time, and that this milestone transition goes smoothly. You’ll have plenty of questions! For example, what should you look for in a... Read More