Surviving the First Day at School

Starting school is a huge milestone in a child’s life. They will spend many hours there, so it’s important that they feel comfortable and are able to make friends. That’s why it’s so important to prepare your child for the first day at school. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some essential tips for surviving the first day at school. Keep reading to learn more!

Tips for parents to prepare for the new school year.

As a parent, there are numerous ways in which you can prepare for the new school year.

Make Back to School Shopping a Family Activity: Purchasing the necessary school supplies, clothes, and gym shoes for the school year should be a family activity. It can help parents to accomplish something together as a family.

Schedule a Doctor Visit: Scheduling a doctor visit before the new school year begins can ensure that your child’s immunisations are up to date.

Create A School Emergency Kit: Creating an emergency kit can help provide your family with peace of mind during the new school year. This usually consists of spare stationery equipment, basic medical supplies, snacks and toiletries.

Tips to help children prepare and transition into the new school year.

Here are a few tips to help your child prepare for the new school year.

1. Rehearse getting dressed. Show your child how to put on his/her clothes without him/her needing your help. Include socks and shoes.

2. Create an organisational system. Help your child get organised for the new school year by creating a system for keeping his/her school supplies, books, and homework assignments.

3. Invest in a backpack. Help your child buy a backpack that will be useful throughout the year. Backpacks should have plenty of room for books, folders, notebooks, pencils, and pens. Backpacks with hip belts and padded straps are better for your child’s back, too.

Tips for teachers to help prepare students for the new school year.

In the new school year, teachers are tasked with preparing their students for a new year. One of the best ways to do this is to provide them with resources and information early on in the year. Here are a few tips to help teachers prepare their students for the new year:

Keep a syllabus: A syllabus is a valuable resource for teachers. It’s a tool that can help students understand the expectations and standards of the school year. By keeping a syllabus, teachers can ensure that their students are up to date on what they need to know.

Give feedback: Feedback is an important part of a teacher’s job. Feedback helps students learn and grow, and it can help them to meet the expectations of the school year. Feedback can be given in a variety of ways, such as verbal feedback, written feedback, or feedback given through assessment tools.

Provide resources: Teachers can provide their students with resources early on in the school year to help them prepare for the new year. These resources can include books, articles, and other materials.

Tips for parents to help their children adjust to the new school year.

When your children return from summer break, getting them to get back into the routine of going to school again can be difficult. As a parent, you should prepare your children for the transition back to school.

Plan an outing. Before you send your children back to school, plan an outing for the first day to help them get reacquainted with their friends and teachers. You can plan a trip or do something fun, like going to a movie.

Talk to them. Talk to your children about the schedule they have at school. Tell them about the projects they have to complete so they can get ready for the new school year.

Take them to their classes. Take your children to their classes on the first day to help them get accustomed to their new surroundings.

Once the Day is Over

Once the school day is done, ask your child about their day.

Ask them about new friends, positive interactions, their concerns and help them with any homework.


To sum up, the first day in a new school is always daunting for both you and your child. Though the best advice is to trust that the teacher knows what he or she is doing, and how to manage your child as they explore this new, exciting world of education.

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