Bedroom Accessories – All you need to spruce up your kid’s room

The Importance of Bedroom Accessories

Re-decorating doesn’t always have to involve painting walls and buying brand new bedroom furniture. One of the easiest ways to spruce up your child’s bedroom without completely re-modelling is new bedroom accessories!

The simple act of updating your bedding, curtains or cushions can take a bedroom from tired to trendy with little-no effort. Plus, a bit of accessories shopping can be done quickly, easily and on a budget. And they can even completely transform a bedroom with an entirely new theme if you want them to. Which is why we offer matching accessories to kit our your child’s bedroom with soft furnishings, plus all the decorative items you need!
So here’s some of our favourite bedroom themes you can easily create with some TCFC accessories…

Children’s Bedding

The best place to start is one of the most important accessories in any child’s bedroom – bedding! These are just some of our favourites… But don’t worry, there’s plenty more to choose from!
You’ll also find matching cushions & curtains for our full range of kid’s bedding. So have a browse to find the best match for your kid’s room!

Happy Stars Single Duvet Cover Set

Roarsome Dinosaur Single Duvet Cover Set

Unicornland Single Duvet Cover Set

Tufted Star Single Duvet Set Grey (Also available in Pink)

Kid’s Cushions

Sometimes the simplest addition can transform a plain bedroom into a cosy kid’s space. And extra cushions on the bed or chairs is a great way to do this. They instantly add some more style and cosiness to the room.
Plus let’s not forget, they’re also very comfy!

Happy Stars Cuddly Cushion (reversible – can also be displayed in white with pink at the front)

Matching bedding also available for all of the above cushions! Shop bedding via the link above…

Kid’s Wall Art

A plain wall can make a room look undecorated, even when painted. So adding some framed art or pictures to a kid’s bedroom is a quick and effective fix to boring walls! They’re also a great addition for themed bedroom.
Not to mention, they add a lovely little touch of fun, magic and sparkle…

Play Houses

A Play House can double as an accessory and a toy! They look great in any kid’s room, with fun designs that can match a bedroom theme or colour schemed, whilst providing a fun play space as well.
Our Play Houses can also be collapsed, folded and stored away if you don’t want them permanently up! So this is great for smaller rooms or for use in multiple rooms.

Why update your bedroom accessories?

Accessories are important in every room in the house! They’re always great for adding those little decorative ‘extras’ to your home, but offer so much more in children’s rooms.
In a kid’s room, accessories can also bring the homely touches that make them feel comfy and cosy in their bedroom. This is not only important for home décor, but also for providing a good night’s sleep for your little ones.

What’s ‘just a cushion’ to us adults can be a cuddly bedtime friend for our children. Or, a pair of simple curtains for us can become the difference between a good sleep or an interrupted sleep for kids. In a nutshell, these basic little extras in our room mean so much more to them! Not forgetting, the more fun stuff they have, the more they’ll love their bedroom! So that’s why we offer a wide range of bedroom accessories to go with all of our bedroom furniture collections here at TCFC.

So have a browse of our accessories on our website, or if you’d like to see what they look like in real life, or you’re local to Milton Keynes, you can also find a small selection of accessories on display (not for sale) in our showroom, which is great for seeing what they look like with our beds!

Remember, you can now shop The Children’s Furniture Company on Next & Wayfair!

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