Kids Beds Spotlight – The NEW Hut & Teepee Beds

Have you seen the new member of the Mix ‘n’ Match Collection?
These NEW kids beds will blow your mind – they combine practicality with fun in the best design possible.

Struggling to get your little ones to bed will be a thing of the past when their bed is shaped like a house or teepee! We can personally guarantee they’ll be running off to their bedrooms and will be tucked up in bed in no time. Getting them OUT however, might be a different story. Take a look for yourselves…

The Teepee Kids Beds

Each bed is a different height, meaning children of every age can enjoy these beds! But the best part (especially for us parents) is the different storage options to choose from…

~ The Single Bed is a lower height, making it a great choice for younger kids. It features 1 long under-bed drawer for storage.
~ The Day Bed, like any other, features a panel along the back which is great for creating cosy corners. It’s a little higher than the single bed, with the choice of 2 deeper under-bed storage drawers.
~ The Cabin Bed is the highest choice, with the option of 3 spacious drawers underneath to make it the ultimate storage bed. But not to worry – you can also choose to have a step in place of one of the drawers (or simply on it’s own) so that younger children can still climb in with ease!

So many choices! Not only do you have a choice of bed style/height, but you also have 4 fun, colourful canopies to complete your teepee bed frame:

The Superhero Teepee

The Unicorn Teepee

The Seaside Teepee

The Rainbow Teepee

Each fun teepee design has a cut-out window with roll-up curtain, and comes complete with a decorative pocket to keep precious little treasures…
Not to mention, every one has an attached chalkboard! Where your little one can write their name, doodle and get creative.

The Hut Kids Beds

All the same height & storage options of the Teepee Bed, but in the shape of a house! Complete with a little ‘chimney’, this bed frame has a more structured appearance but just as much fun-factor.

There are just 2 lovely canopy designs to choose from with the Hut Bed, but what makes it a little different is the option to leave it plain! A plain canopy frame opens you up to a world of decorating possibilities. You can string bunting, garlands or even get creative and add your own fabric canopy.
And of course, hut or teepee, canopy or no canopy, these beds are an excellent place to hang fairy lights!

The Rainbow Hut Canopy

The Seaside Hut Canopy


Just like the Teepees, the Hut Bed canopies also come complete with a decorative pocket – super handy for keeping bedtime stories or cuddly toys close by.

Kids Beds With Storage

What we love most about these beds is how practical they are for parents. We all know how much stuff kids have these days – hands up if your child has more clothes than you!

Having extra storage without taking up extra floor space can be a godsend in a kids bedroom. It’s important not to take up too much room with furniture, as they need lots of space to play with all those toys! So a bed with built-in storage or under-bed drawers is the perfect solution.

Take a closer look at the storage these kids beds have to offer:

Single Bed

Day Bed

Cabin Bed

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