Our Princess Collection and How to Use it in Your Bedroom

Whether your little princess loves pink and sparkles or dinosaurs and dragons, this blog will take you through the steps to consider when creating her perfect princess bedroom.

Find the best princess bed

Princesses have evolved over the years and they are now stronger, feistier and braver than ever. It’s therefore important that their bed is not only beautiful but strong too – it needs to cope with bed jumps, karate kicks and crazy dance moves. We’re nominating the official Princess bed for this one – made from super strong rubberwood, and built to stand the test of time, this elegantly crafted bed is perfect for princesses young and old. Plus, this bed comes with the option to add storage drawers underneath (for treasure and sparkles), or a pull-out trundle bed for a princess’s best friend to sleep on.

Add the perfect backdrop – wallpaper and wall murals!

Sometimes one colour just isn’t enough to take your little princess to the land of adventures, so be sure to consider not only wallpaper but wall murals too. For the pink loving princesses, we love this pink swan wallpaper and pink starry night wallpaper, but you can browse the full range at The Children’s Furniture Company here.

Add some sparkle and fairy lights

There’s something very magical about fairy lights! Whether you make a beautiful photo display, or wrap them around the posts on a four poster single bed the options are endless and it’s a relatively cheap and simple way to add some sparkle to your child’s princess bedroom. We recommend fairy lights with copper wire in them – the copper wire is pretty but it also holds its shape if you want to shape it around some furniture. For more traditional lighting, you can browse The Children’s Furniture Company’s lighting range here.

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Add a special princess chair

A princess needs somewhere to sit in her bedroom, whether it’s to create the craziest hairstyle, or read the latest adventure story. There are lots of options for children, with chairs of all colours and designs coming in child sizes, perfectly proportioned for little bodies. Two of the more glam ones are the chaise longue, available in 5 colours, and the children’s fabric chair available in pink and grey. The Children’s Furniture Company offers a wide variety of children’s seating options, from sofas and bean bags to sofa beds and armchairs. You can check out their full range here:

Add the finishing touches – accessories and soft furnishings

You’re almost there! Make sure you consider accessories when you are completing your ultimate princess bedroom. Some companies offer matching bedding and curtains now, for example this rainbow unicorn bedding set, and these rainbow unicorn curtains. If your plucky princesses prefer dinosaurs, The Children’s Furniture Company offer not only matching dinosaur curtains and dinosaur bedding, but it’s glow in the dark too! Other accessories to consider are mirrors, clocks and doorstops. You can browse the full range of accessories at The Children’s Furniture Company here.

Finally – choose some good books

By now your princess’s bedroom probably looks the part, but she might need some princess inspiration! We’ve pulled together a list of books we believe feature tales of the best heroins, perfect for inspiring children to be kind, brave, to dream big and to believe in themselves. Once you’ve found a good bookcase, we suggest adding these to its shelves:

  • Matilda by Roald Dahl
  • The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins
  • The Northern Lights Trilogy by Philip Pullman
  • Anne of Green Gables by L M Montgomery
  • Little Women by L M Alcott
  • Mary Poppins by P L Travers
  • The Chronicles of Narnia by C S Lewis

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