How to stop your children getting bored during the Christmas Holidays?

Are you looking for ways to keep your children entertained during the Christmas break? Worry no more! We’ve rounded up some fun and interesting activities that will help your kids stay occupied and have a blast during their holiday. Read on to find out how you can make the most of this festive season with your family.

Take a Trip to Santa’s Grotto

Visiting Santa’s Grotto is a great way to keep your little ones entertained and excited during the Christmas holidays. With its magical atmosphere, Santa Claus himself, elves to help and festive gifts, it’s sure to be an experience they won’t forget!

When it comes time for photos with Father Christmas, make sure you dress them up in festive outfits – this will add an extra touch of magic! Finally, if you want an authentic experience for younger babies/children avoid visiting during peak times when lines can be longer than usual.

Visiting Santa’s Grotto is a wonderful way to stop your children getting bored during the Christmas holidays – they’ll have plenty of fun and create lasting memories that will stay with them forever!

Spend Time Making Decorations

The holidays can be a great time for your children to get creative! Christmas is the perfect time for them to make decorations for your tree, windows (think snowflakes or frost) and home. Get crafty with them and have fun making some homemade decorations such as paper snowflakes, festive wreaths or even colourful paper lanterns. You could help them create a winter wonderland by decorating your house with garlands, lights and other festive items. You’ll have lots of fun together while making memories that will last long after the holidays are over!

Get Outdoors and Explore Nature

The Christmas holidays are a great opportunity to spend quality time with your kids and it’s important to keep them entertained. One of the best ways to do this is by getting outdoors and exploring nature. Going for a walk in the woods or park can be a fun way to get active, while teaching children about the environment around them. You could even take along some binoculars so they can spot animals and birds in their natural habitat!

If you want to make your outdoor adventure extra special, why not plan ahead and prepare some activities? Go on a scavenger hunt, find rope swings, climb trees or build an obstacle course in the garden. All of these activities give children the chance to use their imaginations and have lots of fun at the same time!

Cooking together is another great way to keep kids busy during the holidays – bake cookies for your family or neighbours and let them help out with measuring ingredients or decorating biscuits. Creative tasks like making homemade cards or decorations will also help boost their confidence as well as encouraging imaginative play.

The Christmas holidays are a perfect time for getting out into nature with your children – so embrace it!

Have a Board Game Marathon

The Christmas holidays can be a great time for family bonding and fun, but it can also be difficult to keep your children entertained. Hosting a board game marathon is a great way to keep the kids entertained while having some quality family time.

Start by gathering all of your favourite board games, or try something new! Check out online reviews or ask your friends and family for their top picks – you’ll be sure to find something that everyone will love.

Once you have chosen the games, create an exciting atmosphere by setting up different game stations around the house. Make sure the playing area is well stocked with snacks and drinks for the players – this will help keep everyone energised throughout the night! You could even add festive decorations like Christmas lights or tinsel to make it extra special.

Finally, get playing! Encourage each child to take turns in hosting different games, so they get a chance to show off their skills as well as learn from others. Board gaming can teach them important skills such as patience, communication and problem solving – plus it’s lots of fun too!

So if you’re looking for an enjoyable activity that will help keep your children entertained during the Christmas Holidays, why not try hosting a board game marathon?

Visit Local Attractions

During the Christmas holidays, it can be difficult to keep your children occupied and entertained. One of the best ways to stop your kids from getting bored is by visiting local attractions. There are many places you can take your family that will provide an enjoyable experience for both you and your children. From cozy winter markets, to festive sleigh rides, to holiday-themed shows and activities, there are countless opportunities for quality family time during this magical season. Taking a trip to a nearby zoo or aquarium is also a great way to get out of the house and explore nature together – plus, the animals will be sure to bring some joy into any child’s life! If you’re not able to visit an attraction in person due to pandemic restrictions, consider researching virtual tours or online events that will still let your family have some fun and make memories together.

Put on a Christmas Play or Talent Show

One of the best ways to keep your children entertained during Christmas holidays is to put on a Christmas play or talent show. This can be a great opportunity for your kids to express their creativity and have some fun together as a family. It can also provide an excellent chance for them to showcase their talents in front of family and friends.

To make sure everyone stays engaged, you can assign roles or activities that each child can contribute towards the production. For example, one child might be responsible for writing the script while another could help with costume design. By working together, they will gain valuable experience in team work as well as having loads of fun!

You could even invite friends and family members over to watch the performance. This will create more excitement and anticipation around the event which will make it even more memorable! Afterward, you can serve snacks and drinks while everyone enjoys conversations about the show or reminisces about highlights from past performances.

The Christmas holiday season is a perfect time to get creative with your children’s activities by putting on a play or talent show! Not only is it free entertainment but it also encourages collaboration between siblings and teaches them valuable life skills like communication, teamwork and problem-solving. So gather up your crew this holiday season and put on an unforgettable show!

Bake Delicious Treats

The Christmas holidays are the perfect time to get creative in the kitchen with your kids. Baking delicious treats is a great way to keep them entertained and have fun together as a family. Not only will it provide an enjoyable activity, but you’ll also end up with tasty treats to share afterwards! Here are some tips for making your baking adventures with kids high on fun and low on mess:

1. Use your favourite mix or recipe to bake a delicious cake and then let everyone join in to decorate it with yummy frosting and fun sprinkles – this is a great way for children of all ages to get involved.

2. Give your children options so they feel part of the process – from brownies to biscuits, cakes and chocolates, there’s something for everyone!

3. Take the opportunity to turn indoor days into cooking days – pick a recipe with the kids, go shopping for ingredients and cook something together that you can enjoy eating afterwards.

4. Let your child take the lead by tossing frozen berries in flour or combining wet and dry mixtures while you help out with oven work or other tasks as needed.

5. Not only does baking create delicious treats but it also doubles as decoration – craft activities make great decorations too!

With these tips in mind, you can ensure that Christmas holidays are full of fun-filled baking adventures that will keep everyone entertained without any mess or stress!

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is the perfect way to keep your children entertained during the Christmas holidays. Not only is it a great way to get active and enjoy some fresh air, but it’s also a lot of fun! Ice skating can help children develop their coordination, balance, and strength while having a good time.

Before you head out to the rink, make sure your kids are dressed properly in warm layers and insulated winter gear. It’s also important to provide them with appropriate-fitting skates for their comfort. Start slowly by teaching them basic moves such as gliding, turning, and stopping before progressing onto more challenging skills such as jumps or spins.

Ice skating is an activity that promotes social interaction with friends or family members making it one of the best ways to keep children busy during the holidays. Most places offer lessons so they can learn even more skills or take their own turns around the rink at their leisure. Whether they’re just starting out or already have some experience on skates, ice skating is sure to be an enjoyable experience for all ages this Christmas holiday season!

Set Up an Arts & Crafts Station

Christmas holidays can be an exciting time for children but if not carefully managed can quickly become boring. To keep your kids entertained, set up an arts and crafts station in your house. This station should include all the necessary materials needed to make fun and creative projects such as paper, glue, scissors, glitter, markers, crayons and colourful craft papers.

Encourage your kids to explore their creativity by giving them access to a wide range of materials in the craft station. You can also provide them with some ideas on what they can make using these materials such as greeting cards or decorations for their rooms. With all the supplies readily available, you will help your children to develop their artistic abilities while keeping them busy during the long holiday break.

If you want to take it a step further, plan a family craft day where everyone gets involved in making different projects together. This is also a great opportunity for you to bond with your children and get some quality family time together during this festive period.

Have a Christmas Movie Night

One of the best ways to keep your children entertained during the Christmas holidays is to have a movie night! Choose some classic holiday films and create a cozy space in your living room for everyone to gather around. Make some festive snacks, like hot chocolate or popcorn, and enjoy the evening together. You could even make it into a sleepover if you want! It’s an easy way to bring your family together while having fun.

Make Your Own Christmas Cards

The Christmas holidays can be a great time for children to take a break from school and spend quality time with the family. However, it can also lead to boredom if not enough activities are planned. One of the best ways to keep your kids entertained during the holidays is by making their own Christmas cards! Not only is it a fun activity for both you and your children, but it will also give them the chance to express themselves creatively.

To get started, all you need is some construction paper, scissors, glue and some imagination. Have an arts and craft day where you choose a range of different designs or use beads to make jewellery cards that you’ll love! There are lots of awesome Christmas card ideas online that will inspire you and your little ones. Once they’re finished, have them write heartfelt messages inside before sending them out in time for Christmas Day!

Making your own Christmas cards will not only bring joy this holiday season but also instill the meaning of the holiday into your children’s lives. Finally, plan ahead for next year by storing away this year’s cards so that when December rolls around again, all you’ll need are new supplies!

Let Them Help with Gift Wrapping

All parents are familiar with the struggle of keeping their children entertained during the Christmas holidays. To help alleviate this, why not get your kids involved in some of the holiday preparations? Gift wrapping is an excellent way to occupy your children and teach them a valuable life skill at the same time.

Start by preparing gift wrapping materials such as scissors, tape, paper and ribbon. Older kids can help organize these supplies into a designated gift-wrapping station to make it easier for everyone. Pre-wrap gifts in a solid color or use solid colored gift bags so that younger kids can decorate them with stickers, crayons or markers. A great option which older kids can help design is reusable linen bags – they make a great gift bag and also reduce waste!

When it comes to cards, put them at a level where your child can reach them and refer him/her to the cards for ideas about what messages to write inside each one. If you need some extra help during the season, consider volunteering together at soup kitchens or food banks in your area – children aged 16 and under are welcome too!

Ultimately, wrapping presents with your family is a fun way to bond over something creative while teaching valuable skills along the way!

Create a Holiday Scavenger Hunt

The Christmas holidays can be a difficult time for children who find themselves missing out on their normal activities and routines. To help keep them entertained, why not create a holiday scavenger hunt? This fun activity will keep the kids busy while encouraging them to explore their home or garden.

To get started, create a list of items that they must search for. It could include items like a red ornament, an old photograph or even something as simple as a pinecone! Make sure you give each item on the list specific instructions so that they know exactly where to look. For example, if you ask them to find a red ornament, tell them it is in the living room by the window.

Once you have your list ready, print or write it down and give it to your kids with some markers or crayons so they can check off each item as they find it. Then let them go wild looking for all the objects! When they’re done, reward them with a special treat like hot chocolate and marshmallows or an ice cream sundae – anything that will make their day extra special!

Creating your own holiday scavenger hunt is easy and fun – plus it’s an excellent way to keep your children entertained during these long winter days. So why not try it this Christmas season?

Give Back by Volunteering

It can be difficult to keep children entertained during the long Christmas holidays. If your kids are getting bored, why not encourage them to give back by volunteering? There are a number of ways that they can help out and make a difference in their local community.

One way to get involved is by helping out at Age UK. The organisation provides companionship for elderly citizens who may not have family or friends around them during the festive season. Volunteering here is a great way for children to develop empathy, compassion and social skills while making a real difference in someone’s life.

Another option is donating items for those less fortunate than themselves. Encourage your kids to go through their clothes and toys and pick out items that they no longer use or need, then donate them to a local toy drive or charity shop. This simple act of kindness will help brighten someone else’s Christmas, while also teaching your children the importance of giving back and helping others in need.

Not only will volunteering provide an activity that breaks up the monotony of the long holiday period, it will also show children how much joy they can bring into other people’s lives with just a few simple acts of kindness.


The Christmas holidays are a time for family and fun, but they can quickly become overwhelming for children who get bored. One way to keep your kids occupied and ensure their enjoyment of the season is by giving them responsibilities, setting limits, and exploring with them. Additionally, encourage your children to spend time with their friends to brainstorm ideas for activities. If all else fails, look into plans that may be available to help provide extra structure or mental stimulation during the holidays. By being proactive in creating an environment that is both stimulating and safe for your child, you can ensure that the Christmas holiday season will be a fun and memorable experience for everyone involved.

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