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How to get your children to write real letters – a parent’s guide

There are loads of great reasons to encourage your kids to write and send old-fashioned letters and postcards. Here’s how to get them to enjoy the art of letter-writing… Remember when you were little and the post would arrive? How exciting it was to hear letters being pushed through the door? The only thing more exciting than playing Postman Pat and delivering it to your family was seeing an envelope with your name on it.  Children rarely get mail, but when they do it’s not like grown-up mail. They never... Read More


Children’s bedrooms and the science of sleep

Why sound sleep is so important for children – and how to make sure your kids get a proper, healthy night’s sleep… It’s a serious business, sleep. But lack of it is even more serious, according to neuroscientist and leading sleep scientist, Matthew Walker, who believes that we are in the grip of a “sleep-loss epidemic”, with profound implications for the physical and mental health and general well being, not just of adults but of children too.  Doing all that we can to help our children get a good night’s sleep... Read More


Moving from a cot to a first proper bed – your questions answered

Everything you need to know about choosing your child’s first proper bed, once they’ve outgrown the cot… It may not be on quite the same scale as the first moon landing but when your little one moves from a cot to their first bed, it certainly does feel like a giant step.  As a parent, you want to make sure that it’s the right bed at the right time, and that this milestone transition goes smoothly. You’ll have plenty of questions! For example, what should you look for in a... Read More


Top tips for lighting to make your child’s bedroom perfect

What lighting do you need in a children’s bedroom? Here are 7 top tips from an experienced mother… Getting the lamps, pendants and general lighting scheme right in a nursery or child’s bedroom isn’t easy. Their sleeping habits can change as quickly as their favourite colours or animals. Some tips for lighting may be key to keeping these habits in check. My daughter was a very light sleeper throughout her toddler years, when the merest crack of light would stop her from dropping off.  Then one night she suddenly decided she was... Read More


Children’s Mattresses and your perfect guide to them

Want to make sure your kids get a great night’s sleep? From hypo-allergenic to memory foam, here’s a complete buyer’s guide to choosing the right mattress for a child’s bed… When it comes to choosing a bed, most of us give as much thought to our mattresses as we do to the bed frame and style – with good reason. Choosing the right mattress can make all the difference between sleeping soundly and tossing and turning all night. So, we ask all the right questions. Is it comfortable? Does it provide... Read More


Children’s bedrooms: How to make the best use of a small space

Small room? No problem! It’s amazing how much you can pack into a limited space with some clever planning and the right furniture and storage solutions… Children’s bedrooms are busy places. As well as being somewhere to sleep, they’re also somewhere to play, learn and imagine. Whether it’s a secret den, a space station or a princess’s castle, there really are no limits! The one thing a child’s bedroom is often short on, though, is space. There never seems to be quite room enough for all those toys, books, clothes... Read More


5 great sleepover bed solutions for children

Hosting a birthday party sleepover? Visiting the cousins for a holiday? From Z Beds to pull-out trundles, here are five children’s bed solutions for when you need to accommodate little guests… There comes a time in every child’s life – normally between the ages of 4 and 8 – when they inevitably want to have a sleepover. And while they don’t always seem too bothered about the ‘sleep’ part, you do still want them to get some, so it’s a good idea to be properly prepared! Ideally each child should... Read More


Bunk beds and a complete guide to buying one

From safety to style and storage – here’s everything you need to know about choosing the best bunk beds for your children… If you had a bunk bed when you were a kid, you’ll remember what fun they were – once you’d sorted out who was sleeping on the top bunk. Now you’re choosing bunk beds for your own children, you’ll want them to have just as much fun as you did… but, as a parent, you’ll have other priorities too. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide that covers everything you need... Read More


Kids’ beds: the 10 essential things you need to know when buying a children’s bed for the first time

Buying your first bed for a child? Here are the key things to make sure you get it right… They grow up so fast, don’t they? One moment a tiny baby is sleeping next to you in a cot, and the next you’re clearing out the spare room and turning it into a Proper Bedroom, with their first Proper Bed. It’s a big moment: your kids will sleep, dream, play, learn to read, make dens and bounce with their friends on that first proper bed. And they’ll remember their childhood bedroom... Read More


As seen in your homes

We’re bringing you some of the most inspiring children’s bedrooms over the last few years! We are incredibly lucky to have such lovely customers that share their photos with us, and we love seeing all our beds and pieces of furniture settled into their new homes. Have a look and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for even more bedroom inspiration! From High Sleepers paired with sofa beds, to beautifully styled desks and dressing tables, our customers have created something really special in their homes and we’re proud to... Read More