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Top 5 cabin beds for your child’s bedroom

In this article, we wanted to make you aware of the top five cabin beds to buy for your child’s bedroom. There are more cabin beds available than you may think. We have chosen five of the best ones and reviewed them for you. What is a cabin bed and what are the benefits A cabin bed is a variation on the traditional bed, where a platform is raised high off the ground so that it can be reached by standing. There are a variety of cabin beds available, but... Read More

Our Tweedle small double bed 07/03/2022

Small double beds: a guide to choose the best bed

Have you been thinking about getting a small double bed but have some questions about how to do this? We are here to help with this handy guide to choosing the best sized bed for your child. What is the difference between a single, small double and standard double bed? A UK standard single bed has a mattress measuring 90cm by 190cm and is the most popular children’s bed. The size of the bed itself depends on the headboard and footboard design and therefore will vary from model to model.... Read More

Cabin beds for kids 15/10/2021

Cabin Beds for Kids – the ultimate parent’s guide

Buying cabin beds for kids can be tricky! There are many different styles of cabin bed to choose from and lots of factors to consider before purchasing any children’s bed. But first… What’s a cabin bed?A cabin bed is the overarching term for a raised, multi-purpose bed that has under-bed storage options, whether it be built-in drawers, cupboards, storage boxes and even wardrobes or desks! Cabin beds come in many different styles and varying heights, including slightly raised storage beds and captain’s beds, or higher beds such as mid sleepers.... Read More


Kids Beds Spotlight – The NEW Hut & Teepee Beds

Have you seen the new member of the Mix ‘n’ Match Collection? These NEW kids beds will blow your mind – they combine practicality with fun in the best design possible. Struggling to get your little ones to bed will be a thing of the past when their bed is shaped like a house or teepee! We can personally guarantee they’ll be running off to their bedrooms and will be tucked up in bed in no time. Getting them OUT however, might be a different story. Take a look for... Read More


Top 6 Children’s Beds by Lifetime Kids

We’re so excited to be stocking a new collection of children’s beds and other furniture, including wardrobes and desks, from Danish children’s furniture brand, Lifetime Kids. Their incredible designs include beach house & tree house beds, play towers, built-in slides and much more, without compromising on quality or practicality – Lifetime Kids put the FUN in function. Take a look at some our favourite beds from the new range, all of which are now available at TCFC. Best Mid Sleeper This Mid-Sleeper certainly has the wow-factor. Designed to look like... Read More