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Pocket money – everything you need to know

Pocket money can be a great way for teaching children the basics of managing money, teaching them to budget and save for items they want. However, how much pocket money you give, what age they receive it and whether you give it at all, totally depends on your family circumstances and values. Pocket money 101 Giving children pocket money helps them start learning about the value of money and simple money management. Children can learn that they need to save for items and that they cannot have it until they... Read More


Top 10 Autumn Activities!

Autumn activities can be tricky to plan! As the leaves turn orange and fall from the trees, the temperature falls with them, leaving us all to reminisce our short-lived Summers and wonder how to dress for the awkward, in-between weather that October brings. But the one thing you may struggle with the most is keeping the whole family (kids and husband included) entertained now that there are less outdoor activities to choose from! Well rest assured, our guide to Autumn activities is packed with family fun. Just remember, don’t hesitate... Read More


5 ideas for a child friendly garden

If you feel grateful for having a lovely outdoor space and garden, you can be 100% positive that your kids will benefit from this amazing space even more. You’ll want to ensure your garden is child friendly to make it the safest and most fun it can be. Spending time in the open, breathing fresh air, getting much-needed physical activity, and simply experiencing the world around them is crucial for healthy childhood development, and all this can be achieved in the safety and comfort of your own home. All you... Read More


7 Creative DIY Ideas Using your Delivery Pallets

Many of your deliveries will be arriving on pallets at the moment due to Covid-19 meaning we’ve had to amend our delivery method for the time being. We know for many of you this may be an inconvenience, so we’ve pulled together our favourite DIY Ideas using pallets, in the hope they inspire you to get crafty with your pallet delivery! Make a garden planter This idea can be as full of colour and happiness as you like, for you and the children to enjoy. For the first one, paint... Read More


Top ten science experiments to do with kids

Science week is nearly upon us, so it’s time for some fun science experiments at home that can satisfy the most curious of minds. Here are ten tried and tested experiments that you can do with the kiddies using everyday household items, some you can even eat – bonus! All of these experiments should be supervised by a friendly adult as some contain lit flames, boiling water and acids. 1) Orange Fizz Teaches Kids About: Chemistry Difficulty Level: Easy Messiness Level: Low Materials: An Orange or Clementine 1/2 Teaspoon Baking Soda Instructions: Cut... Read More


Fun activities for families to do outside in Winter

It’s a bit chilly out there and it has been very blustery, so you may be feeling like you’ve been stuck indoors for an age. It’s time to blow away those cobwebs and get yourself and the kids outside for an invigorating winter walk.There is still lots activities for families to do on a winter walk even when it is cold and miserable outside. Just wrap up warm, don those wellies and go exploring. Build an animal shelter Woodland animals that are snuffing about looking for food will be thankful... Read More


7 Life skills that playing sport teaches kids

“…it teaches kids to admire that they are fit and strong, above and beyond what they look like.” Anyone that played a lot of sport as a kid will likely agree that it shaped a huge part of who they are today. The skills learnt through playing sport make it great for equipping children with key skills in later life. Whilst not every child has a competitive nature, the beauty of playing sport is that it helps to build character and challenge mindset, no matter what level it is played... Read More


Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids: Feeding the Birds

Finding outdoor activities for kids can be tricky, especially in winter. Feeding the birds is a relaxing and rewarding activity for them to do, whatever the weather. It’s a great way to get your kids outside for some fresh air despite the cold, where they can have fun and learn a little about nature. In this blog, we’ll be sharing how to make your very own bird seed cakes to bring lots of feathered friends to your garden.  The Big Garden Birdwatch  This week, get the kids involved by taking... Read More


10 fun family activities for a cosy autumn

The nights are drawing in and the temperature is dropping. Here are 10 ideas for cosy, weather-proof family activities to keep your kids happy and snug this half-term… By Misti Traya  For weeks my daughter has been competing with the squirrels as to who can collect the most conkers. Our living room has become a shrine to the autumnal treasures she has gathered. Each day, whilst walking home from school, she stuffs her pockets full of horse chestnuts, tiny acorns, changing leaves, and roses that still have a scent but... Read More


Let’s make a pineapple upside-down cake! Five classic school recipes to make with your own kids

Remember all those culinary masterpieces you brought home from school and made your family eat? Here’s how to give your own kids a little taste of your history by recreating five of the best ‘old school’ recipes… by Diane Trembath In the olden days, before there was Food Technology GCSE, we had Home Economics – fondly known as ‘home ec’. And before that, ‘domestic science’, and plain old ‘cookery classes’.  Everyone who attended Home Ec classes can remember their favourite recipes (rock cakes and chocolate cornflake cakes feature) and, occasionally,... Read More