Cabin Beds for Kids – the ultimate parent’s guide

Buying cabin beds for kids can be tricky! There are many different styles of cabin bed to choose from and lots of factors to consider before purchasing any children’s bed.

But first… What’s a cabin bed?
A cabin bed is the overarching term for a raised, multi-purpose bed that has under-bed storage options, whether it be built-in drawers, cupboards, storage boxes and even wardrobes or desks! Cabin beds come in many different styles and varying heights, including slightly raised storage beds and captain’s beds, or higher beds such as mid sleepers.
More on this later…

The Jango Cabin Bed

A cabin bed is a great way to maximise the use of smaller spaces and can transform a bed from just a functional place to rest into a space for sleep, storage, study and play! Our cabin beds come with many options including under-bed drawers or cupboards, desks for studying, pull-out trundle beds for sleepovers and bookcases/shelving for extra storage.

So, now it’s time to start shopping for your new cabin bed! But how do you possibly choose which bed is best for your little one? Here are some things to consider before purchasing…

How old are they?

The first thing to consider is the age of your child. Do you need their bed to last for a couple of years, or until they’re teenagers? Cabin beds & captain’s beds are recommended for children over 4 years old (due to the little extra height), whereas mid sleepers are recommended for children aged 6+.
But if you’re shopping for a child below 4 years, don’t worry. Some cabin beds, such as our Mix ‘n’ Match Hut Cabin Bed, do have the additional option of a step to help them climb into bed or a guard rail to stop them from falling. We also have plenty of lower-height Storage Beds available.
And if you’re opting for a mid sleeper, remember they’ll need to climb a ladder!


Do you need extra storage? We know how important storage is here at TCFC, so we’re here to help you and your little ones de-clutter with our wonderful range of cabin beds.
Space is often at a premium, especially in newer houses. And that’s why us parents need beds with innovative storage solutions to help with the storage of toys, clothes, bedding and books. This is where cabin beds come into their own, with plenty of under-bed drawers and clever storage solutions to choose from!


Next up is the size of the bedroom. Is the room an even shape? Does it have long, straight walls or is it full of nooks and crannies? How high is the ceiling? Can a taller bed, such as a bunk bed or high-sleeper, fit below the ceiling whilst allowing room for the child to sit up? Can you comfortably reach to change the bed sheets? This is a surprisingly overlooked factor and we can certainly recall many a parent who has wrestled with sheets & duvets up a ladder!
Remember to always measure the space in your bedroom and check the dimensions of the bed before purchasing. You can never be too careful!

Quality & Affordability

Finally, quality and cost come into play. Parents often tell us that they want durable products that don’t cost a fortune. We totally agree – that’s why we started the company in the first place! These factors may influence your decision making when purchasing bedroom furniture, which is why we use high-quality materials that don’t brake the bank to make all TCFC beds! We also offer a range of flexible payment options to suit every parent, such as Klarna & Paypal.
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The Climb ‘n’ Slide Cabin Bed
by Lifetime Kids

How to utilise your cabin bed

Create a storage space

Who else’s kids have an array of toys & treasures? Be it secret doodles, special shells or favourite bedtime toys, they must be kept super safe at all times…
This is where built-in, under-bed storage drawers come in handy, providing a space to keep all their treasures close to their sleepy little heads. These beds are an excellent sleeping & storage solution combined, that your child won’t grow out of too quickly. Plus, no ladder is needed!

The Butterworth Cabin Bed

Our Butterworth Cabin Bed features 4 under-bed drawers plus a storage headboard with a secret hidden compartment for squirreling away all those toys!

Create a study space

Bedrooms are often used as a place of learning, particularly as your children grow older and especially for those of us with no home office! And we all know they require plenty of additional storage space for books and stationery. A desk can be a practical addition to a child’s bedroom and can be slotted underneath many taller cabin beds, including our mid sleepers to save space.

The Neutron Mid Sleeper

Our best-selling Neutron mid-sleeper is a real space saver. Durable and safe featuring clever storage, the staircase offers a cool alternative to the traditional ladder. Comes with option of an under-bed desk, cupboard and chest of drawers. Or leave space underneath for a fun den or reading nook.

Create a play den

Beds are not just for sleeping, they are for playing, reading and relaxing. Provide hours of fun for your child with a mid sleeper that houses a cosy den or play area underneath. Fill it with cushions, blankets, toys and books – what more could a child want?!

The Mix ‘n’ Match Mid Sleeper
by Lifetime Kids

The Mix ‘n’ Match Mid Sleeper offers ample room for playing! You can select to add a themed play curtain underneath the bed (pictured is the Cactus Play Curtain) – there are 6 to choose from! You can even have a coloured panel at the front of the bed frame, or if you prefer, simply leave it plain and create a den in your very own style.

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