Halloween 26/10/2021

Spooky Halloween facts we love!

These Halloween tradition origins will blow your mind… Halloween is a mystical time for children and adults alike. The fun of dressing up, decorating the house, watching Halloween films and going trick or treating, plus the creative faces that can be carved out of the pumpkins. But where did it all come from? Well, some of these bizarre traditions have some equally bizarre origins that we’d love to share with you! Keep reading for some seriously spooky Halloween facts… 👻 The Jack O’Lantern 🎃 Or as we call it, pumpkin... Read More


Top 10 Autumn Activities!

Autumn activities can be tricky to plan! As the leaves turn orange and fall from the trees, the temperature falls with them, leaving us all to reminisce our short-lived Summers and wonder how to dress for the awkward, in-between weather that October brings. But the one thing you may struggle with the most is keeping the whole family (kids and husband included) entertained now that there are less outdoor activities to choose from! Well rest assured, our guide to Autumn activities is packed with family fun. Just remember, don’t hesitate... Read More

Cabin beds for kids 15/10/2021

Cabin Beds for Kids – the ultimate parent’s guide

Buying cabin beds for kids can be tricky! There are many different styles of cabin bed to choose from and lots of factors to consider before purchasing any children’s bed. But first… What’s a cabin bed?A cabin bed is the overarching term for a raised, multi-purpose bed that has under-bed storage options, whether it be built-in drawers, cupboards, storage boxes and even wardrobes or desks! Cabin beds come in many different styles and varying heights, including slightly raised storage beds and captain’s beds, or higher beds such as mid sleepers.... Read More


How to Protect Your Furniture from Damage?

All of our furniture is made from super strong wood and painted multiple timed to give it a super strong finish, designed to protect the beds and furniture as much as possible from sticky fingers and bed-jumping children. However we know that over time all furniture begins to show wear and tear, so we’ve pulled together some generic principles you can apply to all the furniture around your home to get the most out of it. When we buy furniture, we usually buy statement pieces. And besides the fact that... Read More


Kid’s Bedroom Inspiration to Help Decorate Your Room

Everything has a silver lining. And one of the best things to come out of lockdown has to be the extra time we’ve had! So many of you have used the time to re-decorate your homes. We’ve loved seeing all of your beautiful kid’s bedroom photos, so have pulled together some of our favourites.. Keep reading for some amazing bedroom inspiration! Boy’s Bedroom The Ultimate Little Man Cave using our Neutron High Sleeper by @MissGreedysHome We absolutely love this bedroom transformation! Featuring an epic blue map wall mural, our Neutron... Read More


How to create the ultimate princess bedroom

Whether your little princess loves pink and sparkles or dinosaurs and dragons, this blog will take you through the steps to consider when creating her perfect princess bedroom. 1. Find a kid’s bed fit for a princess Princesses have evolved over the years and they are now stronger, feistier and braver than ever. It’s therefore important that their bed is not only beautiful but strong too – it needs to cope with bed jumps, karate kicks and crazy dance moves. We’re nominating our Princess Single Bed for this one –... Read More


Storage Beds – Which would be best suited for you?

As every parent knows, you simply cannot have enough storage space, especially in your child’s bedroom.  Modern family life means that space is at a premium, so every little inch of space is valuable. This makes choosing your new children’s bed an important decision, as it is likely to be the item in your child’s room which has the greatest footprint and therefore takes up the most space.  However, you should view your child’s bed as an opportunity to create space rather than an awkward piece of furniture which simply... Read More


5 ideas for a child friendly garden

If you feel grateful for having a lovely outdoor space and garden, you can be 100% positive that your kids will benefit from this amazing space even more. You’ll want to ensure your garden is child friendly to make it the safest and most fun it can be. Spending time in the open, breathing fresh air, getting much-needed physical activity, and simply experiencing the world around them is crucial for healthy childhood development, and all this can be achieved in the safety and comfort of your own home. All you... Read More


7 Creative DIY Ideas Using your Delivery Pallets

Many of your deliveries will be arriving on pallets at the moment due to Covid-19 meaning we’ve had to amend our delivery method for the time being. We know for many of you this may be an inconvenience, so we’ve pulled together our favourite DIY Ideas using pallets, in the hope they inspire you to get crafty with your pallet delivery! Make a garden planter This idea can be as full of colour and happiness as you like, for you and the children to enjoy. For the first one, paint... Read More


Fabulous female authors who were awe-inspiring

International Women’s Day is here once again (9th March) and to celebrate I thought I would share some of my favourite female authors who had surprising and very inspirational back stories. Overcoming financial adversity, escaping Hitler, becoming the family breadwinners, winning legal battles which in turn shaped copyright laws, campaigning for women’s rights, dealing with family tragedies and battling with mental health, these ladies were certainly inspirational trailblazers. Frances Hodgson Burnett (1849 – 1924) Frances Eliza Hodgson Burnett was a British-born American novelist and playwright. She is best known for... Read More