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We don’t just make furniture, we make furniture for children. That means it needs to be KID TOUGH! Our first task is choosing the right materials; we use only hardwoods – rubberwood or beech with only minimal MDF to build furniture strong enough to endure a scuff, a bump or the odd bed jump or two.

Our products are built to last, we don’t use laminates or flimsy chipboards and all joists are sealed into wood (dowels are a dirty word to us). Plus, we pride ourselves on the paint finish; three coats of non-toxic kid-friendly quality paint (no whitewash in sight!) – ace for wiping clean after sticky fingers.
5 little monkeys bouncing on the bed … We have reinforced wooden slats for extra durability (over 15 stone in fact). Go on monkeys, bounce away but mind your heads!

We handpick the best factories with the right experience and have a little army of TCFC testers, who test, test and re-test to make sure our products are 'KID TOUGH'.


We are proud of our product quality and are confident in offering a 5 year guarantee. We guarantee every single furniture item, manufactured by TCFC, for 5 YEARS. Keep an eye out for items branded as 'The Children's Furniture Company' to be sure they are guaranteed.

For all the ins and outs on our 5 year “kid tough” guarantee, take a look at the details below and if you have any questions please ping us an email.


What's covered under our guarantee?

  • Springs or slats collapsing or breaking
  • Side rails breaking
  • Drawers breaking or collapsing
  • Structural defects
  • Legs, castors or castor blocks breaking or collapsing

If any of the above issues occur, we will offer

  • A repair service in the event of a functional failure of the goods not related to normal wear and tear of usage.
  • A repair service without charge up to a cost equal to the original purchase price paid for the product.
  • If we decide your product cannot be repaired or is uneconomical to repair, we will replace it with the same product or component part. Should that specific product no longer be available we will provide an alternative product of equivalent specification or make a money allowance.

What is not covered under our guarantee?

  • All accessory items including: mattresses, bedding, bean bags, wall stickers, wall art, rugs, lamp shades, bunting, photo frames, height charts, toys, curtains, play houses, chalkboards and all other non-furniture items.
  • Any furniture items not manufactured by The Children’s Furniture Company.
  • All made-to-order furniture items.
  • Damage caused by non-domestic use, excessive soiling or unsanitary condition
  • Deliberate damage or misuse including the manufacturer's instructions not being followed
  • Accidental damage, incorrect or faulty installation
  • Damage due to weather such as lightening, flooding and high winds
  • The cost of materials and labour charges for which the manufacturer is held responsible under the terms of any guarantee or warranty
  • Normal ageing or wear and tear including paint discolouration, scuffs and paint marks from regular usage.
  • Work for which the manufacturer has recalled the product
  • Loss of or damage to accessories
  • Noises caused by the use of the product
  • Damage caused by foreign objects or substances not normally associated with the product
  • Repairs carried out by the persons not authorised by us or without prior approval
  • Any routine maintenance, cleaning, realignment, modification, installation, or transit
  • Any loss suffered as a result of not being able to use the product, or any loss other than the repair and/or replacement cost of the product
  • The expense of a service call when no fault has been found with the product

Terms & conditions of our guarantee

  1. This warranty is valid for all furniture items purchased from 1 January 2019 onwards.
  2. Proof of purchase is required by The Children’s Furniture Company (TCFC) and is the responsibility of the purchaser. General wear and tear, including staining, excessive soiling, abrasion, tears and burns, discolouration, dents, scratches, natural cushion interior settlement and flattening and normal bed filling settlement are excluded. Mattresses are not covered by this guarantee.
  3. Wood is a natural product, has its own characteristics and natural marks and may change colour over time. Great care and effort has been taken to ensure that your wooden furniture matches that shown on our website. However, differences in grain, texture and colour may be apparent from one product to the next and even within a product and should be accepted as part of the individual appearance of the wood. Such variations are not covered by this guarantee.
  4. The cracking of wood due to extreme changes in room humidity or direct heat source (air conditioning and radiators) is excluded. Dye transfer from non-colourfast plastics, fabrics and clothing (including denim and throws) is excluded. TCFC will not be responsible for any defects due to the application of any treatment product.
  5. The guarantee is non-transferable and valid from the date of original purchase only.
  6. TCFC must be notified of any defect and given the opportunity to remedy it; any remedial work carried out by a third party will invalidate the guarantee. Consistent with meeting its obligations under this guarantee, TCFC reserves the right to undertake the least cost option to itself. This may involve rectifying the problem, arranging for the unsatisfactory component to be replaced or refunding part of the original purchase price.
  7. If a product has to be replaced and that particular product is no longer available TCFC reserves the right to use an alternative similar product. The transportation costs of goods to be repaired or exchanged are the responsibility of the consumer.
  8. If goods are exchanged, or a refund is given, the goods that are deemed faulty revert to the ownership of TCFC. The amount of any claim under the guarantee shall be limited to the original purchase price paid for the unsatisfactory merchandise only.
  9. This guarantee does not extend to non-domestic usage, nor to goods which are taken outside Mainland UK. The guarantee may be invalidated if the purchaser does not follow or carry out proper care procedures as outlined by TCFC and/or in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations where applicable, or where the product has been adapted, abused, mishandled, neglected or altered.
  10. The above conditions relating to TCFC’s 5 year guarantee are not intended to affect your statutory consumer rights under the Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumer's Regulations 2002.
  11. Any repairs made or the replacement or exchange of any product will not extend the original 5 year guarantee period. Any product provided by way of replacement or exchange of the product originally purchased will be guaranteed for the remainder of the guarantee period applicable to the original product.
  12. Where proof of purchase cannot be provided TCFC reserve the right to assess the condition of a product and determine whether it falls within the scope of the guarantee.
  13. The 5 year guarantee applies only to manufacturing defects and does not apply to damage which has been caused accidentally or deliberately or from everyday wear and tear. All products which require repair outside the 5 year guarantee period or which are not covered by the guarantee will be chargeable.
  14. We do not guarantee the continued availability of particular furniture ranges or products. It may therefore not be possible to offer you a replacement from the same range in the event that an item of furniture cannot be repaired. Where we are unable to offer you a replacement from the same range, any liability we have, whether in accordance with our guarantees, under the general law / statute or otherwise, will be limited to a refund of the product in question. We will not be liable to refund or replace any other products including other furniture items belonging to the same range as the item which cannot be replaced even where purchased at the same time.
  15. This guarantee only applies to products purchased direct from TCFC’s website. If you have purchased your product from another retailer, please contact them directly as their service and guarantee commitment to you may differ from this one.

How to make a claim

Making a claim is as easy as 1, 2, 3….

1) Send us an email to care@thechildrensfurniturecompany.com detailing your order number (or a copy of your proof of purchase).

2) Detail the specific product concerned with a short description of the issue.

3) Please provide any support photography evidence to support your claim.
We will respond within 48 working hours to either a) advise on an appropriate course of action or b) request further information to enable us to assist in your claim.